Sadly, we continue to live in a dynamic time with respect to the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, mitigation efforts and conference requirements will be evolving in response to conditions in Fairbanks and the world at large.

Fairbanks is at the Orange alert level, which means we will change our mitigation plan slightly. Changes below in green.


The requirements listed below are subject to change, but reflect our best understanding of the requirements we will need in place during the workshop to protect participants and the community.

  • All participants will provide proof of current vaccination status before the workshop.
  • Participants are expected required to wear a properly fitting mask when in indoor settings unless actively eating or drinking.
  • We will be operating HEPA air filters in the meeting space.
  • Participants who own smart phones should register their phone with the Alaska Covid ENX system. Alaska COVID ENX (also known as Alaska COVID Exposure Notifications) is a free tool that works on smartphones to alert users if they may have been exposed to COVID-19 without sharing any personal information. It is completely private and doesn’t know who you are or track where you go.
  • Seating and maximum occupancy standards will be publicized and participants will be expected to respect them.
  • Participants will be supplied with three rapid antigen tests, and an N95 mask. Participants are encouraged to conduct a rapid antigen test on July 11, July 13, and as needed. Instructions for how to self-administer the tests are available in English and Spanish. Additional tests are available on request from Gordon Williams.
  • We will make available a live feed of the talks to participants who are unable to attend due to travel delays or infectious disease.

Testing and Traveling

  • If you are coming to the United States from abroad, there are no longer testing requirements for entry to the US. The best site for that information is at the CDC.
  • The state of Alaska also has some information that may be relevant to you, especially if you are traveling outside of the Fairbanks area during your stay.
  • Here’s what we currently know about testing options for travel from Fairbanks (e.g., for re-entry to your home country).
    • There is currently a community testing site located on the UAF campus providing free rapid NAAT (Nucleic Acid Amplification Test). Results are sent via email. We are still gathering information to help you determine if their documentation will be adequate for your travel needs. To get results the same day, it is best to go very early in the day. The current contract expires in June, so this service may not be available in July.
    • There is a Walgreens Pharmacy not too far from downtown that provides rapid NAAT tests by appointment which you may be able to use for travel (check your country’s/airline’s rules to see if this is an admissible test). Currently, these appear to be free, but this is an evolving situation. I expect this to be a low cost option if things do change (e.g., ≤ $50).
    • The Fred Meyer’s Pharmacy, not too far from the University, may be another option for rapid antigen tests. Will visit soon to confirm procedures/options. This is not a service they provide.
    • You may be able to do your testing over the internet using iHealth (they watch you self-administer a test over your webcam). If you go for this option, you’ll want to make arrangements in advance for receiving their test. There are other similar service providers. ~$43. (If you need to, you can get the test shipped to Gordon’s address. Contact us if you need this.)
    • Steese Immediate Care (+1-907-374-7911) offers a rapid antigen test with documentation for travel for $250.
    • MedPhysicals Plus (+1-907-717-2088) offer RTPCR, Rapid NAAT, and rapid antigen tests for between $209 and $275. Turnaround time is 15 minutes to an hour depending on the test.
    • More testing site information is available from

Changes to Plans

We all recognize that conditions can change rapidly, and that these might affect your plans to participate in the workshop. The good news is that the vendors we are working with have agreed to be flexible with us, and so we should be able to help you should you run into trouble with your travel plans.

Alaska Data

Current data about the state, and about case and hospitalization information in the Fairbanks North Star Borough (Interior Alaska Region) are available from the DHSS Covid Dashboard.