On Wednesday afternoon we will have a conference excursion. Here’s a short overview of the excursion:

  • A ride on the Riverboat Discovery. This is a large paddle wheeler boat, and we’ll be traveling down the Chena River to see and learn about life in the Alaskan interior and its history. Fairbanks owes its very existence to boats like this one, and you’ll get to enjoy a number of interesting elements of interior life during our ride including:
    • Chena Indian Village Living Museum
    • Bush pilot demonstration
    • Dog mushing demonstration
  • A visit to the Large Animal Research Station (LARS) at UAF. This is a research farm where musk ox and reindeer are raised. In addition to seeing the animals we’ll learn about the work done at LARS and get a peek behind the scenes.
  • Dinner at the Alaska Salmon Bake. Don’t worry, if you don’t like salmon they have other options, but if you do, we think you’ll like the chance to eat Alaskan salmon cooked over a wood fire.
    • While it’s not part of the excursion, the Alaska Salmon Bake also operates a fun and campy live show close to their restaurant location in Pioneer Park at the Palace Theater. Please let us know if you are interested in catching a performance (it’s a pleasant ~30 minute walk from there to the hotel along the river, or you can take a cab or a Lyft), we’ll help make the arrangements.
  • A chance to wander Pioneer Park while your meal settles.