Reservations and payment for the conference hotel or to stay on campus will be made through the workshop’s registration system.

Reservations and payments for our block of rooms made through the workshop registration system by May 15, 2022 will be able to get the conference rate of $154 tax free (though there is a $4.62 processing fee, taxes are about 3 times that). After that date, reservations may be made directly by emailing the hotel until June 20 for the same $154 rate, but you will be responsible for paying local taxes as well. Just make sure you let them know you are with SIGMAP to get the conference rate. We can also handle inquiries about extending your stay at the conference rate if you plan on being in Fairbanks longer.

Note: Lots of flights into Fairbanks happen at weird hours. If your flight comes in at 1:00 AM on July 10, and you are planning on staying at the hotel that night, you must book for July 9 (nights are associated with the calendar day the night starts on).

For complicated reasons having to do with COVID-19 travel restrictions, this summer the hotel is likely doing a “grab and go” breakfast, including things like fruit, juice, and a breakfast sandwich. Here’s a map of places to eat near the hotel.


We are not affiliated in any way with If you receive email communications from them about arranging your lodging for the workshop, please feel free to ignore these emails. Best we can tell, this is a scam/unscrupulous ad campaign for a service we aren’t using and you don’t need.

Staying On Campus

We have on campus options available to conference attendees, and you can book them through the workshop registration system. Reservations must be made by June 22. Here are the rates:

  • Dorm room containing two twin beds. Shared bathroom facilities and common space on the hall. $74.16/night.
  • Bedroom in an apartment on campus containing two twin beds. Share bathroom, kitchen and common space with 2nd bedroom in the apartment. $92.70/night.

More information about the guest housing facilities is available on the UAF Department of Residence Life website.

A Google Map of the locations of the facilities, as well as where to eat near and on campus, is available.