The UAF campus is kind of large and sprawling, and you have to walk about 20-30 minutes to get to the nearest restaurants. We are including four of the lunches and two of the dinners in the workshop registration fees to be provided at the workshop venue. There will also be lunch and dinner served as part of the conference excursion. Campus Cache (located in the dormitory building) has a variety of quick and convenient options for breakfast (and other meals). The campus coffee shop, Arctic Java, is located close to the workshop venue, and is likely to be in operation during the workshop (stay tuned). For other options, including dining off campus, we’ve collected some information here we hope you find helpful.

Near Campus

Here are some eating options on and near campus. We’ve tried to focus on dining options in easy walking distance. Feel free to ask the organizers for recommendations if you want to go a little farther afield.

Hours of operation for on campus locations, and a map showing their locations.

In Downtown

Downtown Fairbanks has a ton of options, I’m going to a list a few of our favorites here. Here’s a map.

A Few Local Favorites

  • Lemongrass: While there is a lot of stiff competition in the Thai food category in Fairbanks, this is probably our favorite.
  • The Pump House: A Fairbanks classic. Good hearty fair in a setting sure to please a tourist and not horrify a local. Try to get a table on the deck with a view of the river if the weather is nice.